Recruiting In A Celebrity World

Recruitment is a tough buisness and even tougher in today’s celebrity world.

But what makes a good recruitment consultant? What does the daily grind entail for someone recruiting today?

The Best Recruitment Skillset

I think it’s true the best recruiters are not just reactive nowadays. The best of the best have their finger on the pulse of their markets. They don’t just react to situations, they are leading the situations.

They know where resource is short, they understand when and where projects are ending so they can feed that rersource into new or existing projects. They have proper business relationships with their clients. Relationships of trust and understanding which ensures the top recruiter knows exactly what his client needs and when.

Hiring Is Not Easy

Finding recruiters with such a skillset is not easy.

Companies such as Intelligent People in St Albans, Herts, U.K have found this to be so. They train their recruiters in these consultative selling skills and ity pays dividends.

“Yes, we inevitably lose some of the people we train”, says Doug Bates, director and co-owner of Intelligent People.

“However, we are absolutely committed to doing this, to offering extensive training. To be honest we know the mindset it takes, so we dip into our market, Digital and Online Marketing, and find marketers who are frustrated and looking for something more”, he says.

Unique Selling Point

“Most of our top billers have come from this rich vein”, he smiles, “but there is a very definite mindset or attitude we are looking for. The fact that these people have worked in, say Growth Hacking, Pay Per Click or perhaps Content Marketing means they are able to talk to clients on the same level. They understand the market. This is unusual for a recruiter in any market. For them to have actually worked doing the job they now recruit for is a pwoerful differentiator for us”.

Indeed, the Digital Marketing arena has become hugely competitive over the last ten years. There has also been a significant increase in job functions as deeper niceh skills become the norm.

The New Digital Marketing

For example, teh or twelve years ago, companies would hire a Digital Marketing expert. They would be expected to cover social media, PPC, eCommerce, pretty much the full gamut of skills.

Nowadays, as I mentioned earlier a demarcation of roles is taking place. As each fucntion becomes more complex, and technologuy drives the market we are seeing new an unique job functions come to pass.

Specialist Job Functions

For example, Growth Hacking (working out what the competiton are doing to achieve growth and then copying and bettering) has become a key and vital role in a Digital Marketing organisation. Content has become a specialist area, so have PPC, eMail marketing, social media, Customer Acquistion, the Buyer Journey and Analytics. Yes, they are all part of the wider spectrum of Online Marketing Jobs and Vacancies, but very much more specialised than ten years ago.

“It’s all part of running a Digital Recruitment Agency in this day and age”, says Doug over the rim of his coffee cup.

Market Evolution

Indeed, this market will continue to grow and evolve as technology drives the struggle for ever increasing sales in the Online space. There is no doubt that online sales are increasing massively, particularly now we seem happy to buy on mobile and tablet.

“The skillsets and job niching down will continue in Digital Marketing”, says Doug, “and we’ll keep hiring and training specialist recruiters who have that base of industry knowledge. This is what will continue to drive our growth”.

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Celebrities Tint Their Windows

I just couldn’t help writing this article, I really couldn’t.

I was chatting to a friend of mine at the squash club and we decided to pop out to the pub and have a drink after the game.

Window Tinting Are You Sure?

windowtintersWe bumped into one of his friends a Guy called Martin Schlatter, who turned out to be a very interesting character. It turns out he’s a window tinter. And, his workshop happens to be in London Colney which is near St Albans in  Hertfordshire U.K.

Nothing remarkable about that you might think.

Location Is Everything

However, his workshop is right next door to two Premier League football training grounds (Arsenal and Watford) and pretty close to a couple of film studios (think Harry Potter, James Bond), so he sees an awful lot of celebs.

“Yeah, they all come in” he laughs over a pint of Ridgeway (a beer from a local brewery), “whenever one of the footballers buys a new car they come over and have the windows tinted”.

“They eran shed loads the footballers, even some of the Watford players are on £100k per week. It’s crazy, but it’s good for business for me”, he laughs again.

The Cars They Buy

“They come in with a right assortment of what they think are cool cars. The Prosches, Lambourghinis, Ferraris, Aston Martins and all that. O.K, I do like a DB8 or 9, but some of them buy crap. They buy things like TVRs, why? Damn things are always breaking down! One of the Arsenal lads bought a TVR for his wife. It broke down on the way home from the dealer”.

“He brought it in the next day to get the windows tinted after training and was loaning like hell about it. He drove off after we’d finished and before he even got out of our forecourt it conked out again! The footballers are not blessed with much patience, the air was blue”!

Who’s Windows Have You Tinted?

So, what footballers have you tinted car widows for then?

“You know I can’t say. But quite a few of the Arsenal lads. Most of them are top blokes, a few are a bit up themselves. The Watford lads are good, more down to earth although many of them can’t speak particularly good English”.

“They always bring one of the Brits lads with them when they come in”, he laughs again, it’s infectious.

What about the film people, had any major stars in?

They Send Someone Else

“No, they send someone else to get the car done”, he smiles. “I’ve done cars for some of the top film stars.  I also do the upmarket chauffer company lads as well. These Guys rent the car and driver to the stars when they’re here filming. So, when they get a new car, and sometimes one of the stars dictates what they want, they have to buy a new car, but the film star pays, and of course he wants tinted windows, so they come round. They do tell me who they’re for most of the time. We do have a couple of big studios close by so we do quite a bit of celebrity work”.

“I think they do it for the privacy, but there are all sorts of reasons why you’d tint your car widows”, he smiles.

“Yes, of course, privacy, but if you ask me it looks good too”.

Do you do other window tinting as well?

Any Glass

“Oh yes, any glass that needs tinting or indeed strengthening to Regulation 14 standards, we’ll tint anything with glass film”.

So you do home window tinting, workplace glass tinting, and safety glass film and of course car window tints? Is that right?

“Indeed, we do the lot”.

Come on Martin, give us some celebrity gossip…please?

“O.K, but not here…” he booms out that infectious laugh again and makes me promise I will not publish the juicy stuff. Shame!

About celebrity wedding planners



Celebrity Wedding Planners

wdpk21The standard wedding occupies approximately 400 hours of scheduling and planning, this is based on latest research. And, let’s face it, if you are organising a celebrity wedding it’s probably a lot longer than that!

Every little detail has to be researched and agreed, such as flowers for the wedding party and friends and family, wedding breakflast food selection preferences, seating locations, wedding dress, accessories and bridesmaid and usher outfits and, obviously, wedding reception venue and accommodation.

Celebrity Weddings

And, again, if we are dealing with a celebrity wedding, then the guest invites have to be kept secret and added planning is needed to ensure unwanted guests don;t get wind of the date, the celebrities involved or indeed the venue.

There’s no end of things to arrange, as well as making sure everything occurs at the correct time and in the correct place!

Hire A Professional Celebrity Wedding Planner

Having said that, there is a great tactic to making the all-ranging task anniston-therouxsignificantly simplier and easier by getting in contact with a professional wedding advisor to do all the management aspects so that you, your fiance or fiancee and your family and friends will be able to truly enjoy the celebrations with no unnecessary pressure.

Hiring a wedding planner is something that is becoming more common presently and has been de rigeur amongst celebs for many years now. Where do you think the film of the same name came from?

Experts In Dreams

Utilising a wedding planning expert may be on most of engaged couples’ wish lists. However, you may not know it but a certified wedding planning service might be simplier and easier to employ than you think. There is no question, each bride would like the chance to have the assistance of a wedding organiser, and currently it may just be simpler than you imagine to hire one.

A wedding adviser will, logically, like to be familiar with the extent, kind and event location of your wedding and any unique themes you require – even if you do not have any idea yet, they can often suggest some imaginative designs for the style and presentation of your happiest day yet.

Soon after a wedding adviser understands your unique demands for the special day and the sort of occasion you wish to hold, they can tell you the kind of services that are offered and the charges – as a point of comparison, you are able to pick from full event arranging, partial event planning and wedding day-only supervision on the big day.

Planning Fees

When considering fees, the majority of wedding coordinators will spend within the cost range you provide them with and if you instruct them to, they will ensure that you do not go beyond your highest possible budget.

Wedding planner fees fluctuate and you should understand ahead of time whether you are having to pay them a part of the full wedding planning fee, or a set fee.

But, hey, for celebrities the cost is incidental, it’s getting the right wedding that’s the most important thing.

Follow this link to learn some good advice on the subject of using a professional celebrity wedding co-ordinator to make the happiest day of your life go more smoothly.

Great Tips from Great Entrepreneurs

Several people would like to consider that entrepreneurs are born not made. Though, science has not yet established the discovery of an entrepreneur gene, disabusing this idealistic notion about entrepreneurship and convincing more inhabitants that this breed of public is certainly nurtured, not born.

HandshakeOne more thing that delineates entrepreneurs from normal people is how they identify entrepreneur opportunities at primary glance. The majority of these people do not just think of the funds they can make out of a business endeavor, but they get additional excited about the prospect of searching these entrepreneur opportunities and seeing them come to existence to become bywords in the business world.

Here are a number of business tips and tricks that will help you distinguish entrepreneur opportunities and put you way ahead of the average people:

Develop the Aptitude To Spot Trends

The aptitude to spot trends, and to distinguish them from fads, has made millionaires of ordinary citizens who had unusual eye that can spot entrepreneur opportunities with no trouble. The secret to developing this aptitude is to always keep an open mind to the whole thing.

Read magazines, newspapers and blogs that will offer you a proposal of what’s happening in the world these days because that’s where you get to see and listen about new thoughts, old ideas that require improvement and never-been discovered dreams that can be the root of a profitable new venture.

If you are not the tetchy type then ask an important person to help you with RSS monitoring so you can continue with the latest business thoughts. You will also get advantage from watching television, not only the information channels, but even the other shows which will provide you an idea of the rising cultural trends.

Look Ahead Of Your Window and Observe

numbers-blackIt is forever great to feel at home in your own comfort zone but do not be as well relaxed because that will leave you blind to the new developments in the world. It may be nice to carry on a watch over your own abode but look beyond your window so you see what is growing at the other side of the fence.

It is by observing the planet around you that you are able to discover things that need change or enhancement or harms needed to be solved. The other side of the fence may not be as lucrative but it is a great source of business ideas and entrepreneur options. Who knows, you just might be able to find new entrepreneur opportunities right beyond your windows.


Find the Wonderful Fit


People have dissimilar reasons why they desire to start out on their own. While you may desire to go into business for financial issues, the next yuppie may be in want of an additional flexible time. No matter what your reasons are, it is significant to find that ideal fit between your business and your character or your way of life.


Create your business something that would create you wants to get up early in the morning for the love of it, though you haven’t slept at all. While funds icon-investScaleare a common denominator among entrepreneurs as well as those would-be to become one, it should not be the just reason why you are going into business.


The fit factor will provide you new business thoughts you can go into. Talk to previous colleagues, people you recognize, people you don’t know and just concerning everyone and listen to them share their experiences. You not at all know which of these tales will help you find the ideal entrepreneur opportunities.